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Hello and welcome to Fluid Revival IV of Austin, TX.  My name is Nick Schroeder and I am the founder and CEO of Austin’s premier IV Therapy Infusion team.


As firefighter and paramedic, I want to bring you a luxury service of IV Therapy at a sensible rate. At Fluid Revival, we understand the multitude of benefits that come from IV drips. You should not need to have go to the emergency room for the simple solution to many problems. The costs associated with that are outlandish and an ER visit takes forever. We want you to receive the benefits at a fraction of the cost and time. Choose a IV drip from our menu or create your own from a variety of vitamins and antioxidants. Our medical grade IV drips start at $179.




We take pride in our amazing reputation on Google. Check out our Verified 5 Star reviews by visiting our Google Business page. In addition, we’ve left some select testimonials as well from real patients who have had impactful results using our IV Therapy service. We are looking forward to meeting you, please book your appointment today and experience the science behind IV Therapy infusions

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Juan C Testimonial

The best in Austin Texas. Honestly, only getting my drip from Fluid revival IV from now on.


Juan C. via Google

fluid revival iv therapy testimonials austin tx

Instantly felt better after my IV. Thank you Fluid Revival for customizing my IV to meet my needs!


Michelle P. via Facebook

Kaila Testimonial

It was quick and easy to schedule, and the IV process was totally painless…I would definitely recommend it and will for sure be doing it again.


Kaila M. via Yelp


How does the process work?

Schedule an appointment online or by calling 512-337-3561. At the time of booking, you will need to identify the location at which you will be receiving your vitamin IV drip. Choose the time slot you would prefer. You will then provide payment information. After booking one of our team members will contact you to confirm your appointment and that you have completed the waiver.

How should I prepare for the IV vitamin drip?

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your experience. It is fine to eat or drink fluids before your IV. Most importantly just find a comfortable spot and relax!

How long does it take? Does It Hurt?

A typical IV drip takes about 35-45 minutes once the infusion has started. There is a small pinch when it comes to getting an IV. However, it is expected to be a minor pinch and lasts less than a second.

What is the cost of Your IV Infusions?

Our Premium IV Drips start at $179. Additional vitamins may be added at $20 each.

Who can get an IV Drip Infusion?

Almost anyone! Your medical history is taken into consideration however, just about anyone can benefit from IV vitamin therapy. Your IV Specialist will review your medical history prior to treatment to ensure your safety.

How often should I get an IV?

This varies from person to person. Most people use IV therapy as needed for recovery or in preparation for an athletic event. IVs can be administered weekly to maintain hydration or in a series over a few days to recover from severe dehydration or some illnesses.

Are there any side effects?

No severe side effects are expected following an IV infusion. There may be minor bruising at the IV site after completion. Many people experience a “chill” feeling as the fluids go into the body which is completely normal.

What if I live outside the Austin, TX service area?

Depending on where you are there may be an additional travel fee. Call us if you have a question about your location.

What if I'm a ``hard stick?``

Our medics and nurses have years of experience starting IV’s in an emergency setting. They use techniques that help find the veins and minimize pain. Since we will be administering the IV’s in a relaxed setting, we can take our time in finding a vein. In the rare occurrence that we can’t access a vein, we can still deliver vitamins through an intramuscular injection.

Do you offer group rates?

We do! We have discounted rates for groups of 5 or more. Please contact us in advance to schedule.

How can I tip?

You are able to tip in cash or with card at time of payment. Tips are very much appreciated.

Is insurance accepted?

We do accept FSA or HSA credit cards but our services are not covered by insurance. Our services are much cheaper than a normal copay at an emergency room or urgent care.

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