benefits of iv therapy in austin

What Are The Benefits Of IV Therapy?

The Pros Of IV Therapy Infusions

Do you want to make an informed decision about your wellness goals by learning more about vitamin IV therapy? We’ve got the resources for you! Our comprehensive research can help shed light on important details such as pros and cons, so that way it’s easy for you to decide if this type of treatment is suitable. What are you waiting for – take control of your wellbeing today with us!


1. It’s The Fastest Way To Deliver Nutrients To Your Body


benefits of IV therapy include fast nutrition delivery


IV therapy is the quickest way to reap all of its potential benefits; nutrients are made available for your body instantly thanks to bypassing digestion. This type of administration method not only grants you immediate access, it also ensures that nothing gets lost in translation and none of those vital components go wasted – meaning every drop counts!


2. Can aid in treating specific health conditions


IV therapy provides your body with an extra boost of hydration, and can also be used to deliver vital vitamins and minerals to those who suffer from digestive tract diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer or cystic fibrosis. By bypassing the upset caused by these ailments in nutrient absorption through traditional routes, IV therapy enables patients to get all that their bodies need without discomfort or additional strain.


3. Heart Health


benefits of iv therapy include heart health


By carefully selecting the components of your IV drip, you can play an active role in improving your cardiovascular health. Amino acids like arginine and ornithine help relax blood vessels for lowered pressure, while essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium regulate dilation to keep them healthy. Enjoying these benefits is only a few bagfuls away!


4. Gives Your Body Natural Energy


Tired of relying on sugary, unhealthy beverages to get you through the day? Consider turning towards natural alternatives such as vitamins. B Vitamins and amino acids are known for their energy-producing properties which could give your body a much needed boost! Best yet, introducing these essentials into your system via an IV infusion may help reduce cravings related to less healthy options – alpha lipoic acid is one example worth looking into with the registered nurse administering this process. An overall healthier lifestyle awaits!


Some good sources of natural energy are:


  • Alpha-lipoic acid
  • B-Complex (all eight essential B vitamins)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B9


5. Get The Body Anti-Oxidants


Free radicals are inherent molecules that can potentially cause a wide host of diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. To counteract this threat, antioxidants like vitamin C provide protection by combating these free radicals; in addition to shielding the body from sicknesses, certain vitamins—including Vitamin C―and minerals––like zinc—can also enhance immunity levels.


Enrich your Fluid Revival Austin IV Therapy infusion with:


6. Hangover Cure!


Often considered a hydrating beverage, alcohol is in fact an infamous diuretic that results in dehydration. Unsurprisingly then, it’s one of the main causes of hangover symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness. Fortunately there’s hope! Enter IV infusion: quickly replenishing lost water with added electrolytes to help counterbalance side effects from drinking – plus anti-nausea and anti-inflammatories if needed – this innovative method can provide fast relief for those suffering after their night out. Get your Hangover Cure from Fluid Revival here!


benefits of hangover cure iv therapy infusion

7. Weight Loss & Maintenance


Struggling to hit your weight loss goals no matter how hard you’re trying? IV nutrition therapy is a powerhouse alternative that not only helps with burning fat, but converting it into useable fuel. Fluid Revival offers carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) as an easy way to break down stubborn body fat while boosting metabolism on the cellular level. Try out this revolutionary approach today!

Try a Weight Loss IV Therapy infusion from Fluid Revival today.


8. Anti-Aging Benefits


Known as the ruler of all antioxidants, glutathione is a workhorse nutrient that benefits your body in a whole host of ways—chief among them being its anti-aging effects. Try our NAD IV Therapy Infusion today, also known as the ‘Fountain of Youth’!

  • Repair damaged cells
  • Detox the liver
  • Boost your immune system
  • Help manage autoimmune disease symptoms
  • Assist in the metabolism (breaking down) of toxins
  • Protect you against free radicals


9. Wounds and Healing


Let IV therapy help foster your body’s natural healing process. Carefully crafted nutrient cocktails can kickstart the mending of wounded cells and fortify skin health to fend off potential infections. Indulge in a personalized infusion for deeper holistic restoration today!


Are There Any Cons to IV Therapy Drips?


Wonder what the possible drawbacks of IV therapy are? Rest assured, even though there may be cons to consider – with experienced healthcare professionals on our team, we guarantee safety and peace-of-mind. Let’s take a closer look at how this innovative treatment can help you reach your goals!


1. Tiny Risk of Infection and Infiltration

IV hydration therapy is a safe, efficient way to replenish essential fluids and vitamins. However it’s important to seek the care of skilled medical professionals like those at Fluid Revival who are trained in university and healthcare settings for proper administration- reducing your risk of infection associated with puncturing the skin. Our staff takes great pride in providing our clients only the best quality service while following strict safety measures

Infiltration is when the needle passes through the vein and the IV solution is not going into your blood stream.  If left unattended, infiltration can cause swelling in the area and be quite painful. Although rare, it is important to keep an eye on your body during your IV infusion to make sure infiltration is not taking place.


2. Bruising, pain, redness or itchiness near injection site


Despite their slippery nature, sometimes it only takes one attempt to locate the right vein. However, a few insignificant side effects such as minor bruising and redness may appear near the injection site afterwards – no cause for concern! This is simply your body’s natural response when recognizing something foreign in its midst. These sensations should not last more than several days at max before dissipating completely.


3. Does IV Therapy Hurt?


We understand the fear of needles, and we want to make your IV drip experience as stress-free as possible. Our nurses use a safe technique where they puncture the skin with a needle and then insert a catheter—a plastic tube that will provide you with nutrients directly into your bloodstream. We also spray down the area beforehand so it’s just like feeling an ever-so-slight nudge instead of any kind of sting or pain when getting started. If this still worries you, read our article on conquering fears regarding injections for even more reassurance!




Ready to kickstart your wellness journey? With IV vitamin therapy, you can select between our pre-made signature drips and build a custom drip of your own. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge! Still have some hesitations? Get in touch with one of us here—we are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns

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