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Lipotropic Injections Austin

What are Lipotropic Injections (Lipo-B)?


Lipotropic injections could promote fat loss in the body, but these shots are not bulletproof. Practitioners should note that they only work when combined with a healthy lifestyle that supports weight loss. While the shots are not necessarily dangerous, there’s no guarantee that they’ll help you lose weight. But what in life is guaranteed, correct? If you are looking for lipotropic injections in Austin, Texas, come to Fluid Revival. We are an Austin IV Therapy Infusion clinic that specializes in Mobile IV Infusions.

The Lipo-B (MIC) Injection


lipotropic injections austin MIC


This a specific mixture of compounds closely related to B-vitamins that may help reduce excess fat in certain areas of the body. In addition, it can increase metabolic activity and energy. Much like methionine, this B-vitamin helps metabolize fats and lower cholesterol.

Lipotropic injections are supplements used for fat loss. These are intended to complement other aspects of a weight loss regimen, including exercise and a low-calorie diet.

The injections most often contain vitamin B12, which is considered safe in large quantities. However, lipotropic injections used alone without a weight loss plan may not be safe.

While there’s a lot of hype surrounding B12 and mixed-ingredient lipotropic injections, these aren’t a guarantee for everyone. Nor are they entirely without risk.

What Are Lipotropics?

Lipotropics are substances that affect fat metabolism in the body. Lipotropic compounds are a combination of ingredients that help improve the breakdown of fat in the liver. People who promote lipo injections claim that the shots can improve weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and eliminating fat.


One of the advantages of lipo-B shots is that we inject these resources directly into your tissue, bypassing your digestive tract, where they may be poorly absorbed with only a fraction of what you initially took entering your bloodstream. With our lipo-B injections, you benefit from all of the vitamins and other micro-nutrients that we introduce.

If you’re embarking on a weight-loss program, we recommend weekly lipo-B shots. These injections can be administered into your glutes. These shots are designed to give you the tools you need for success, but you still need to do your part through diet and exercise.

You should realize the effects of your lipo-B shots reasonably quickly. Patients usually see a difference within a week or two after we get started. We typically continue these injections until you’ve reached your weight and wellness goals.  After your weight loss goals have been reached, we can reduce the frequency of the lipotropic injections.

Do lipotropic injections work?

The science behind these injections is mixed. Clinical studies on lipotropics and obesity have remained inconclusive. Also, according to the Mayo Clinic, vitamin shots such as B12 haven’t proven to be effective in weight loss management. This is because they don’t provide the metabolic boost that many practitioners promise. That being said, obesity needs to be treated differently than weight loss. Once obese, fat marbleizes within the body, it is a whole new ball game. In addition, people who reach obese levels have likely incurred hormone imbalances that make it more difficult to lose weight. Thus, lipotropic injections should not be a standalone solution for the obese population. If you lose some weight from the injections, this is likely attributed to your overall weight loss program than the shots alone.

Benefits of Lipo-B Injections


benefits of lipotropic injections


Provides a clean, no-jitters energy boost, Speeds up thought processes and focus, Improves your mood, Promotes alertness, Kick starts your brain to feel motivated, Boosts your metabolism by helping to digest food.

The Lipo-B (MIC) Injection is a specific mixture of compounds closely related to B-vitamins that may help reduce excess fat in certain areas of the body and increase metabolic activity and energy.

Types of Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections have been promoted for weight loss and sometimes for improved energy. Different weight loss clinics and medispas create unique compounds that they sell as lipo injections.

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is sometimes called the energy vitamin. This water-soluble vitamin helps to keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. It also helps to prevent a form of anemia that can make you tired and weak.

Methionine is an essential amino acid that plays a vital role in metabolism.

Inositol is a vitamin-like natural sugar related to the B vitamin family. Inositol helps to metabolize fat and may improve insulin function in the body.

Choline is an essential nutrient that is related to B vitamins. It is responsible for lipid (fat) metabolism and transport and has other jobs in the body related to cell membrane structure and other functions.

Because most lipotropic injections include the ingredients listed above, many providers refer to the shots as MIC (methionine + inositol + choline) injections. Depending on your provider, you may also receive other amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in your injections.


  • Stomach or urinary problems
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained pain in any part of the body
  • One weight loss clinic notes that an allergic reaction (itchiness, rash, hives, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and swelling of the throat, lips, mouth, or tongue) is possible
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Incontinence
  • Numbness in hands and feet

Many of the clinics that sell lipotropic injections note that the ingredients are safe because they are naturally found in the body. And medical sources report that some lipo injection ingredients are independently considered safe when taken by mouth. 

Vitamin B12, for example, is not known to cause harm, according to government health sources.10 And choline is not known to have any clinically relevant interactions with medication, according to the NIH.



lipotropic injections in austin tx


If you get your shots from a medical or weight-loss spa, chances are the shots are part of a weight loss package. Other injections, such as B-12, may be administered more affordably.

Shot costs vary by location, but you may pay anywhere from $20 to $50 per injection. Usually, the price is lower if you sign up for a package of shots. For example, one clinic sells a pack of five shots for $75.

Lipotropic injections are one of the best inventions for weight loss and have shown excellent results from their invention. There are multiple benefits of consuming Lipotropic injections, and the primary use is weight loss. 

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